Video Telematics

Video Telematics Device with CAN and KWP

LLPL's Video Telematics device is an advanced tracking device with CAN and KWP and is also AIS140 Certified. Video Telematics device can be described as a High end Compact Vehicle tracking/Fleet management black box with rugged IP67 casing. Our premium 4G enabled device comes with live video streaming with camera support. It has hotspot & Bluetooth features. It can be used as a fleet management device in various domains such as Logistic, taxi operation, car/bike rentals, security tracking, insurance telematics, asset tracking, etc. It also has a high level of integration with all internal antennae which makes it suitable for hidden/stealth installations. Its compact size enables easy handling and easy installation.

Technical Details

Parameters Description
Application Core ARM® CortexTM - A7 (1.3 GHz) 
Telecom Core Dual QDSP6 (600MHz) 
Memory 4 GB solid state Flash, 100K Erase and Program Cycle, 10 year data retention Expandable up to 32 GB
Cellular Module 4G: CAT4, 3G: HSPA+ & UTMS, 2G: EDGE, GSM, GPRS
GNSS Module GPS, GLONASS, Galilieo, Beidou: 118 acquisition-/ 40 tracking channels, Ultra high tracking/navigation sensitivity: -160dBm, inbuilt patch antennae,
< 2.5m CEP (50%)
antennae  Internal  
Communication Interface TCP/IP
Record Storage/Buffer  120000 Tracking Records. ( may vary based on configuration and parameter chosen )
Ports 1-USB Device type,  2 RS232  / 1 RS232, 1 RS485, 1 CAN( 11 bit/29 bit including OBD, J1939), 3 AIN, 5 Dl's, 3 DO's
Speed Sensor GNSS (default), Real time (VSS Interface)
SIM Interface  Supports both Embedded and normal (Nano SIM) 1.8V & 3V (Micro SIM)
(Either one of them at a time)
LED Indication Processing, Cellular, GNSS, USB detection
Connectors 36  Pin power mate connector
Power Supply Wide DC input voltage range (9V - 32V)
Current Consumption 300mA (Max) during  Transmission, 80mA during tracking, 10mA during Standby
Internal Battery  850mah, 5 to 8 Hr backup
Enclosure Rugged IP 67 rated ABS Plastic Casing
Temperature Operating: -25°C to +85°C
Storage: -20°C to +85°C (Without Battery)
Dimension 150 x 100 x 30 mm
Weight 200 grams
FOTA  Firmware upgrade over the air available
Other Interfaces   Tamper Alert, Audio, 1 Wire 
Geo Fencing Polygonal Geo Fencing available
Connectivity Wifi Hotspot (optional), Bluetooth (optional)
Camera Supports 2 camera interface, USB/Wifi - IP Camera (Optional as an accessory)

Note: We pursue a policy of continuous research & product development. Specifications and features are subject to change without notice.