Educational Institutions


In today’s world, both School Administration and Parents are concerned about the safety and security of the school children especially with respect to their journey in the school buses or vans. Transporting children to and from school requires a great deal of logistics and scheduling.

A boarding or departure status for students is largely speculative based. It has been found several times that students board and exit the wrong bus at the wrong bus stop, leaving parents and school administrators in panic. Installing an RFID card reader in the school bus will avoid this scenario. Students would need to carry a small RFID card that uses long-range RFID readers to record the student’s entry and exit from the bus door. The school bus monitoring software from LLPL device can be incorporated with RFID systems and can provide the school administration and parents with appropriate alerts.

School Transportation is one field in which engineering is largely untouched. With so much to look for in the days ahead, India’s school management will be better supported and more effective in technology. LLPL's solutions have always been on the verge of providing schools and educational institutions across India with next-generation solutions.


Location On Demand

Get access to viewing all your vehicles on a wide variety of maps along with satellite imagery as well, updated every 10 seconds on the map view dashboard of LLPL-Fleet.

No More Waiting!

A real-time GPS school bus tracking system provides the exact location of the bus which helps parents to fix the time to drop and receive their child at the bus stop, thereby saving their precious time.

No More Calls!

With a tracking system in place, parents no longer need to call the school to check on the status of the school bus.

Privacy of Child/Parent Data

The system runs on a completely secure platform that ensures 100% privacy of all child data and parent contact information at all times.

School Bus Attendance Record

The mobile app helps parents to view complete and precise school bus attendance record of their children at any time from anywhere without having to contact the school authorities.

Instant Notifications

Critical information about bus delays, bus breakdown, route deviations, unscheduled bus stops or an emergency situation is quickly made available to the parents through urgent SMS alerts and notifications.