ARAI – Connecting Assets Over Cloud

Fleet tracking systems allow businesses to easily monitor their trucks, trailers, vans, and other vehicles and equipment. Installation of a GPS fleet tracking system allows drivers, managers, and staff to improve their communication in order to increase profits and maintain a high level of security.
Fleet managers and business owners will find it easier to manage their fleets with a GPS tracking system. Routes and deliveries can be completed within the allotted time, and managers can track their fleet and drivers from a computer screen, tablet, or smartphone. Vehicles in remote or urban locations are easily detected and monitored from the office, or anywhere in the world.

Our Benefits

  1. Save Time

    Fleet Management Software (FMS) helps you spend less time on fleet-related tasks and more on your business. It couldn’t be easier to access data, log records or run reports.

  2. Save Money

    Fleet Management Software (FMS) pays for itself and much more. Easily identify inefficient vehicles and ensure that you never miss a scheduled maintenance.

  3. Collaborate

    Fleet operations are all about shared responsibilities. Fleet Management Software (FMS) comes with unlimited users, so you can easily collaborate with everyone involved.

  4. Manage From Anywhere

    Access your Fleet Management Software (FMS) account from any internet capable device. Quickly enter data on the go with our mobile version.

  5. Make Better Decisions

    Great data is your key to smart decisions. With powerful reporting tools and analytics, we completely remove guesswork from the equation.

What can LLPL do for you?

Here is a list of the features and solutions integrated in LLPL. By synchronising all these aspects in your fleet, LLPL can really drive your business forward!

Features Other Devices LLPL’s Device
Emergency Button/SOS Button
Water & Dust Proof
Driver Behaviour
Fuel Monitoring
Measuring Sensors
AC On/Off
Ignition Status
API Integration
Idling Report
IP/Usb Camera Support
Live On-map Tracking
Location History (60 Days)
1 Year Device Warranty
Nearest Vehicle Locator
Over-Speed Report