AIS 140 Certified Devices

AIS -140 – A change in the Indian Transportation System

With ever increasing population of our country, we need an organised and safe Public Transportation System .In order to make Indian cities “smarter”, the government has taken initiative to revolutionise the transportation sector. Hence Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) took an initiative to streamline operations related to the public transport of the country. Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are globally proven systems to optimize the utilization of existing transport infrastructure and improve transportation systems in terms of efficiency, quality, comfort and safety. Thus, under the Intelligent Transportation System, AIS guidelines have been formulated by the Industry Standard (AIS) with the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI).
The Automotive Industry Standard – 140 (AIS 140) norm has to be implemented on all upcoming, new and existing vehicles. The law has been enforced to equip all passenger-carrying Transport vehicles with AIS 140 compliant GPS tracking devices and supporting software. All public Transport vehicles, whether run by the government or private entities, will have to comply with AIS-140 norms. This includes Inner City Public Transport Vehicles, School Buses, Employee Transportation Buses/Cabs, Inter-City Public Transport Vehicles, etc.

  1. Vehicle Tracking System:

    Operating an efficient fleet starts with knowing where, when and how your fleet is used. LLPL's AIS 140 Device, AIS 140 certified GPS Tracker gives the live location of the vehicle at all times. Also, You can view a 24-hour driving history of each vehicle, start/stop times, drive time summary.

  2. Efficient Management of your Fleet and Report Schedules:

    The AIS 140 certified devices allow the Fleet Owners to use their vehicles efficiently by planning vehicle routes and trip schedule. This feature helps the Fleet Owners to save a lot of money on fuel as the shortest possible route will be automatically suggested by the portal.

  3. Panic Button (SOS Button):

    The vehicles which will be equipped with Govt. Approved AIS 140 GPS Tracker will also be fitted with Panic Button(s) depending on the size of the vehicle, which plays a vital role at the time of crisis. Pressing the Panic Button will send location information to the emergency server. The location packet which consists of Latitude and Longitude will be sent to the server every 5 seconds and this process will continue until the IP with this information isn’t cleared.

  4. Track Driver Behaviour:

    The vehicles equipped with Government approved AIS 140 GPS devices will help the Fleet Owner to track the driver behaviour and log events like Harsh Acceleration, Harsh Braking, over speeding on a particular trip. Also when drivers know that you are aware of their location, they make responsible decisions, such as control speeding and excessive idle time.

  5. Tamper Alerts:

    The GPS tracking device will pop up an alert on the Dashboard when the vehicle tracking device is being tampered.

What can LLPL do for you?

Here is a list of the features and solutions integrated in LLPL. By synchronising all these aspects in your fleet, LLPL can really drive your business forward!

Features Other Devices LLPL’s Device
Emergency Button/SOS Button
Water & Dust Proof
Driver Behaviour
Fuel Monitoring
Measuring Sensors
AC On/Off
Ignition Status
API Integration
Idling Report
IP/Usb Camera Support
Live On-map Tracking
Location History (60 Days)
1 Year Device Warranty
Nearest Vehicle Locator
Over-Speed Report