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Our Story

We're passionate about making it easy to manage a fleet so organizations can spend more time focusing on their own mission.

Fleet operations are complex and difficult to manage. People start out trying to use spreadsheets but quickly outgrow them. Many companies don’t actively manage their fleet operations at all, hoping people will drive safely and be responsible for their vehicles. That may work in the short term if you’re lucky, but ignoring your fleet causes far more problems and is way more expensive in the long run.Over the years we've worked with fleets of 10 vehicles to many thousands, and our mission is still the same.


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Our Involvement

We are committed to bolstering our local technology community and being active members of key organizations within the fleet industry.

Our business strategy
We believe LLPL is a win-win for every party:

Fleet owner - saves on fleet costs: fuel, maintenance, administration... and has a more efficient team. Our Premium Partners have a new, trustful relationship with customers

What we do

In simple,Our products from LLPL are committed to create solutions that simplify the lives of our customers and clients using latest technologies in machine-to-machine communication like GPS, RFID, NFC and Bluetooth. The solutions being based on mobility allow the flexibility of access anytime anywhere, thereby making them truly customer friendly.

Our Mission

Our endeavour is to create a team, dedicated to explore the latest technologies for creating simple yet effective solutions.

It is our mission to create happy and satisfied clients who consider us as their partners in growth. We ensure this through constant feedbacks and inputs from our customers.

Growth and Excellence in Transport Telematics.

Our Values

Responsibility towards our clients is one of our greatest values – we do everything to ensure that our customers derive maximum benefits from our solutions.

An eye for detail in all our efforts ensures that we design and deliver high value products with great user experience.

Commitment to innovation and encouraging new ideas is the cornerstone of our philosophy.