Cold Chain Logistics | Temperature Monitoring

Food safety is crucial, especially when dealing with refrigerated items that require specific tolerances of temperature in order to guarantee food quality. Increased focus on quality, rapidly changing market demands, maintaining the quality of the product during transit, and increased competition is driving the cold chain businesses to be more flexible & efficient.

Temperature-sensitive cold chain products such as fresh foods, vaccines, serums and the likes, require constant temperature monitoring and more innovation to ensure quality delivery. Even a small temperature variation during transportation or faulty refrigeration can turn product investment into a hefty liability. WebNMS Fleet Management Solution helps the businesses to reduce losses, save costs, and enhance efficiency by tracking the real-time location of the vehicles and by allowing the fleet managers to monitor the temperature of the cargo.

Location on Demand

If it moves, you can track it in real-time and locate it instantly from anywhere in the world using LLPL software.

Temperature Monitoring 24/7

Track fleet maintenance information, including miles driven for making sure that all your vehicles are properly maintained.

Improve Productivity

Increase every field employee’s value for your business with easy-to-understand driver performance reports.

Driver Identification

RFID key fob driver monitoring system. Each driver gets a unique key fob which they will have to scan before the journey.

Trip Logging

Trip Log enables business owners to identify business and private uses of fleet vehicles to easily distinguish mileage done.

Over-The Air(OTA)

Free your self from the hassles of configuring the hardware with cables and boring commands.

Time-sensitive Deliveries

Vehicle breakdowns are not an option.Your deliveries must remain on schedule to ensure your items arrive in tip-top shape.

Engine On/Off

Get instant notifications via this feature to check whether the engine is ON or OFF.

We understand the importance of knowing that your vehicle is secure and on your ease to track, that’s why we are providing One Stop Solution for all your safety and tracking problems.


LLPL offers an efficient, effective vehicle tracking system for managing your vehicle fleet. Experience better software features that make your business smarter.

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