Enhanced Security


Modern period emphasis that it’s very essential to protect your vehicles and secure your valuable assets from getting misused. LLPL GPS Vehicle Tracking Device gives you total control of your assets because you never to be hassled ever again. LLPL Fleet Management and security solutions will improvise your productivity, safety and security of your fleet operations, and ultimately improve your bottom line

LLPL enhances your fleet security by effectively managing fleet operations and helps you to protect your vehicles and high-valuable assets from thieves. Using its industry leading web technologies to spot the exact status and location of your vehicle, also helps to detect any unauthorized movement or usage of your vehicles which in turn helps the business users to empower their business activities

  • A panic button can be installed so that the driver or passenger can press in case of emergencies to notify your authorized personnel.
  • Vehicle immobilization, lights and horn can be activated in case of a security breach.
  • Geo-fencing functions can set location boundaries which can also trigger notifications when exceeded.
  • LLPL triggers alarm notifications to help prevent vehicle theft.

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