Real-Time Student Monitoring Solutions

In today’s world, both School Administration and Parents are concerned about the safety and security of the school children especially with respect to their journey in the school buses or vans. Transporting children to and from school requires a great deal of logistics and scheduling.

LLPL provides mobile app to ensure safety of your kids. Using this app, parents can receive information regarding pick & drop of their child. This solution not only tracks the bus but also children aboard. Its powerful alert mechanism provides you with the opportunity to take prompt action in case of any hitch. It also saves the parents and school from hassles of making/receiving various calls regarding enquiry of bus timings.

Location on Demand

If it moves, you can track it in real-time and locate it instantly from anywhere in the world using LLPL software.

Instant Notification

Real-time alerts for parents via SMS or via a mobile app for Android or Apple phones.


We understand that every school has different requirements and pain points. Our modular solution is extremely customizable to perfectly meet the needs of every school.

Route Mapping

configure routes for school buses via our platform for easy analysis, money saving and efficient monetization of bus services.

Speed Alert

Set your own speed limits and get alerts whenever it reaches maximum.


Our dashboard provides the schools with a convenient birds-eye view of your school, fleet & bus service.

We understand the importance of knowing that your vehicle is secure and on your ease to track, that’s why we are providing One Stop Solution for all your safety and tracking problems.


LLPL offers an efficient, effective vehicle tracking system for managing your vehicle fleet. Experience better software features that make your business smarter.

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