Connecting your fleet from first mile to the last...

Unifying critical fleet management processes can unleash the potential of your fleet operations. The LLPL Routing, suite supports the full, closed-loop process associated with route planning, route execution, and driver and vehicle performance. Our routing and scheduling software helps deliver a true command of operations by offering route optimization, dispatch management, GPS tracking, mobile applications, telematics, and hours of service (HOS) compliance with electronic on-board recorder (EOBR) performance analytics, all in one integrated platform.

If you operate a commercial fleet or manage mobile workers in the field, you are tasked with improving the productivity, performance and safety of your operations. Your goals are to make your fleet and mobile resources more efficient, offer new or improved services, manage driver performance and comply with government regulations. With integrated truck routing and scheduling, route execution, mobile applications and telematics, LLPL offers the industry’s most comprehensive fleet routing and mobile resource management solutions.

LLPL – Route Optimization Software comprises the following features:
  • A powerful Routing Engine with a route optimization algorithm, designed & developed to create routes based on user specified origins, waypoints and destinations
  • Generates the optimal route mix for your vehicles to meet your key objectives of least travel time & reduced costs
  • Accurate information on turn-by-turn driving directions, distance & estimated drive times

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