Instant Notification

Identifying potential problems early, when you still have time to act on them

Alarms and Notification feature is a time sensitive feature were a business growth depends on it, LLPL Alarms and Notification feature will give you instant notifications (email, sms, call) of every violation and incident happening with your fleet.

With LLPL devices installed on your vehicles, you receive alerts and notifications in case your vehicle has started or stopped, vehicle is ideal, vehicle has exceeded a speed and vehicle has entered a particular zone or if it has reached a specific landmark. With LLPL on your side, you can address urgent customer situations or can take critical management decisions immediately, in real time.

Below are some of the alerts that LLPL triggers:
  • Vehicle Idling Alert – Alerts when a vehicle idles for more than a specified amount of time.
  • High Speeding Alert – Alerts when a vehicle exceeds an imposed maximum speed.
  • Location Arrival & Departure Alert – Notifications when a vehicle arrives at or departs from a location.
  • Maintenance Status Alert – Select any vehicle to schedule service and keep track of maintenance requirements.
  • Harsh Acceleration & Braking Alert – Alerts when a vehicle accelerates or brakes too harshly.
  • Tracker Unplugged Alert – Alerts if a GPS tracker is unplugged from the vehicle.
  • Temperature Alert – Generated whenever the sensor detects high/low temperatures where it was placed.
  • Unauthorized Usage Alert – Generated whenever a vehicle is used during specified off-hour times or if moved from the lot without authorization.

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