How It Works

How it works

LLPL has its Powerful Mobile App for Fleet Management and vehicle utilization. As we could see many fleet owners are on the move, it is significant that the fleet monitoring companies should have a mobile app for their vehicle monitoring and fleet management to instantly utilize and manage their fleets.

  • Monitor and Manage vehicles in real-time from anywhere.
  • Instantly Exhibit the movement of the vehicles.
  • Smart analyse on vehicle key aspects.
  • Real Time Monitoring of Vehicles.
  • Know the complete history of fleets.
  • Instant alerts andnotifications.
  • Vehicles location and current status on the go.
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Why LLPL is best

  • LLPL provides advance GPS tracking device at affordable prices
  • GPS trackers can be personalized according to your specific needs
  • Our GPS tracking devices are reliable, tested and robust
  • Accurate data analytics in an easily understandable manner, in form of bar/pie charts, graphs etc
  • Alerts can be customized in GPS trackers based on engine performance indicators, over speeding etc, depending on your priority



LLPL offers an efficient, effective vehicle tracking system for managing your vehicle fleet. Experience better software features that make your business smarter.

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