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LLPL offers an efficient, effective vehicle tracking system for managing your vehicle fleet. Experience better software features that make your business smarter.

Automation built-in

Increase efficiency by automating fleet management tasks such as maintenance scheduling, fuel transactions and more.

Made for collaboration

Empower everyone in your fleet to contribute to its success with unlimited users and flexible permissions.

Mobile-first design

Manage your fleet from anywhere with intuitive web and smartphone apps designed for busy fleets.

What We Offer


Fleet Monitoring and Control

Real-time data and alerts enable transport managers to react instantly to critical or unplanned situations and avoid possible financials losses or damage to vehicle, cargo or driver.

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Vehicle and Cargo Security

Remote ignition blocking and alert buttons prevent a vehicle from being stolen. Different means of driver identification allow those responsible for the vehicle and cargo at a certain time to be determined.

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Detailed trip information permits the ranking of drivers by safety or fuel efficiency, and the creation of a salary system based on their performance. This can be used to motivate drivers and improve their driving style.

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What we Do

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GPS & Telematics

Automatically capture vehicle diagnostics and location data

Fleet Maintenance

Automatic maintenance schedules to minimize operating expenses

Temperature Sensing

Accurate monitoring for easy transportation of temperature-sensitive products

Playback History

Track your vehicles based on when and where daily fleet activities take place.

Enhanced Security

Turn on vehicle lock and be assured that your vehicle won’t start without your permission

Asset Management

Properly managing assets allows you to acquire, allocate, operate and remarket smarter.

Our Success Tranformation Story

How to grow world with Us

The key to your future can be found in an ongoing commitment to your business development. By getting better at what you do and expanding the boundaries of what you understand, you become more valuable to your team, customers, and company. In fact, you become a bigger player in your entire industry, which widens your world to new challenging opportunities as well.

Because the world is moving so fast now that people who stand still will be passed by. Expanding your business knowledge more than your competitors has become a major competitive advantage in every industry. With today's more complex business environment, none of us can afford to remain stagnant in our Business.

So as to Grow up with latest knew technologies related to Global positioning system, Fleet Monitoring and Management, Vehicle Trends and utilization techniques with Artificial intelligence. LLPL helps hand on hand to become a trend setter in your respective business and to match the latest technology which grows on day to day basis.

LLPL Follows its Core Value of

“Help to grow and be grown”

Value Added Resellers

We are continually looking for committed partners from a strategic and channel perspective across the globe to expand our community of Value Added Resellers who wish to participate and share in the success of LLPL’s Vehicle Tracking System in the fast-growing fleet management market.

Large System Integrators

We believe in collaborative partnerships as a key strategy for growth and we have pursued this model successfully in order to create mutually beneficial relationships for LLPL, our large system integration partners, and our customers.

Enterprise Partners

LLPL help Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) connect and communicate with consumers and vehicles where it matters most – on the road. When your vehicles are integrated with our platform, you can sell with confidence anywhere in the world.

We are Providing great Services

LLPL also offers specialized solutions like mobile data terminal, driver identification, biometric & RFID, temperature sensing, remote asset monitoring, keypad integration and web services.